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About Us

Established in 1978, we are now the leading breeders of indigenous fish species including but not limited to -


  • Mozambique Tilapia,

  • Red Breasted Tilapia,

  • Dwarf Tilapia,

  • Banded Tilapia,

  • Barb Species,

  • Large Mouth Bass,

  • Yellow Fish,

  • Catfish,

  • Mosquito Fish


Full government compliance with all necessary permits granted.

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  • Excess 'Water-Grass'?

  • 'Mosquitoes' overrunning your estate?

  • 'Algae' so thick you could walk over your Dam?

  • Only the buzzing of insects and 'no Bird Life'?

You are just a click away to a perfectly balanced eco-system


Dirty & unhealthy dams are unproductive & unsightly, call us for a site assessment and let us take care of the "dirty" work for you!

Time to RELAX ?


Why not join us at our headquarters and catch some fish ?

(release them too!)

(Families always welcome!)

It may be yours or your child's dream to catch a big fish! Come and join us for a fun filled day or stay the weekend at our farm, and make that beautiful dream a reality.

We've got all sized Carp, Catfish, Bass, Tilapia and Yellowfish in our 3 natural Dams.

Speak to us about facilitating every young boys dream of a

"Gone Fishing" birthday party!


Please book in advance

(It's catch and release, please handle them with care)

What the media says...

The Tilapia & Carp Project


Interested in Fish Farming?


Fisheries HBP has an unprecedented level of experience in this field. Over 30 years worth of PISCICULTURE led by Mr Casper Kruger who is a second generation Fish Farmer, following in his father's footsteps. And besides enthusiasm and determination required to make a success in this field, EXPERT, PROFESSIONAL Support is the most important factor one will need to become a successful Fish Farmer.

Fisheries HBP offers two different packages to consider;

A 2 hour consultation introducing interested parties to the world of PISCICULTURE / AQUAPONICS / FISH FARMING. Mr Kruger himself will cover all the basics one will need to know  in order to decide if Fish Farming is a viable path for them.

The Complete 3 day course covers EVERYTHING one will need to know about the PISCICULTURE / AQUAPONICS / FISH FARMING industry. Each attendee will receive a certificate confirming their new understanding of the business.


Please contact us to find out the date of our next AQUAPONICS / FISH FARMING workshop. The affordable and informative workshops are held over a full day once a month at the Fisheries HBP's headquarters in Hartbeespoort. 


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