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Proffesional Services

We strive to offer you the best services at the best possible prices.

please don't hesitate to contact us for further information 

Stocking / Re-stocking

We stock your water system with indigenous fish species to ensure a natural eco-system, free of algae and watergrass. Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation or more information.

Cleaning & Netting

We clean dams, remove unwanted fish, grass, algae & excess dirt. For further enquiries please contact us.

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Consultations, Workshops & Training

Book now for:

  • intro consultation & explore the viability of fish farming

  • 3 day pisciculture / aquaponics workshop

  • monthly info & training workshop

Building of Dams, Ponds & Water Systems

We design & build water systems to your specs & budget.

Please contact our offices for advice and/or quotation.

Pump  & Filter Systems

We supply and install pumps & filter systems, to your specific requirements

How it works...
Filter system
Filter system
Filter system
Filter system
Small filter installed
Small filter installed
Filters & pumps
Filters & pumps
Filters & pumps
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Tilapia & Carp Project

comprehensive 3 day workshop covering all aspects of pisciculture / aquaculture. learn from Mr kruger himself & join the industry with confidence


Did you know that we recommend introducing 3 - 5 Fingerling sized fish per cubic meter of water into your dam/pond to maintain a healthy balanced eco-system? If this is adhered to we guaranteed a 100% success rate!

Which means you will never again have a problem with grass/algae or excess reeds. You can work out how many we recommend by making use of the following formula: (Length X Width X Avg Depth X 3)


Do it right or leave it out!

Owning a dam or a pond is a great privilege many can't afford, and as everything else in life it needs to be taken care of. It needs love and care, it needs a few things to become and stay beautiful. It needs oxygen, it needs clean, healthy water and it needs fish. Building a pond or a dam without the above mentioned, is like owning a lawn but no lawnmower. Compare the price you paid for developing your pond or dam to the price of the fish you introduced, and you will see, it's a small price to pay for what you need. If you cannot afford to introduce the RIGHT amount of fish required, rather leave the fish as you will just waste your money.

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