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Aquaponics Systems:

Small - Medium - Large


For the past 6 years we have been working on new self sustaining aquaponics systems. These systems not only ensure substantial fish growth, but are now also combined with vegetable gardens that work as large filtration system for the ponds. 

We have installed numerous systems to happy customers in all 9 provinces.

These systems can grow from 100Kg of fish per year to 1 000 000 kg+!

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left side view of full tunnel incl solar
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Basic Self-sustaining system


These systems can be designed to any size, from a self-sustaining system for just a families needs to a commercial fish farm. we can and have installed These systems throughout South Africa. These systems are covered with UV Resistant greenhouse sheeting to combat any weather conditions. The fish we introduce will be ready for consumption and harvest from 8 - 12 months. Besides having an endless supply of fish for your family, There are three major benefits to these systems - Job Creation (fish farm scale), Food Security for your family and potential Income Generative. 


Vegetable Garden



The Gardens can be customised to any specific needs. The water will be taken from the pond, which is rich in nutrients and proteins from the fish excrement and then sprayed or dripped onto your garden depending on the final system installed. The water unused by the garden will be returned to the pond thanks to our unique, patented SelfDrainingPlatform®. The water from the pond will ensure accelerated vegetable growth in a short period of time. from our own systems in-house, we have seen vegetables growing to be big, fresh and plump. we have also been able to harvest great quality seedlings.






Based on the site conditions such as ambient temperature, size of water system, water quality etc. will determine the best fish species with which to stock the dam. Our expert team will make all the assessments and offer the best advice for your system, guaranteeing a balanced, healthy ecosystem. 



The patented systems we have designed have been carefully perfected over the past 6 years. the turn-key systems we install start from as little as R8,000.

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