Fisheries HBP has become one of the the countries leading fresh water fish authorities since founded by Mr Casper Kruger in 1978,  Hartbeespoort Dam. Explore this site to discover the wide range of services offered by Fisheries HBP. No project is too big or too small, no questions shall go unanswered. Fisheries HBP prides itself on the professional attitude to which we deal with customers of all experience levels.

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Fisheries HBP Specializes in the following fields:

  • Building of Dams to customer specifications

  • Cleaning, rehabilitation & maintenance of existing Dams

  • Swimming pool conversions

  • Buying & selling of fresh water fish

  • Community education about Environmental affairs & fresh water conservation

  • Training, advice and support to Fish Farmers of all experience levels​

  • Designing, building and maintenance of Self-sustaining Aquaponic Systems

  • Sales & installation of various sized Aquaponic Tunnel systems

  • Consulting & training via workshops for Aquaponics enthusiasts

Fisheries HBP's Famous Fish

Do it right or leave it!

Owning a dam or a pond is a great privilege and many people can't afford. As everything else in life, it needs attention and effort. The more love and care an ecosystem is shown, the more beautiful and valuable it will become. Oxygen, clean & healthy water and most importantly -  the correct FISH are a few of the basic requirements a system needs inorder to remain healthy. Building a pond or a dam without the above, is like owning a lovely green lawn but not a lawnmower! 

Compare the price you paid for developing your pond or dam to the price of the fish you introduced, and you will see, it's a small price to pay.

If you cannot afford to introduce the RIGHT amount and correct species of fish, we suggest you rather look for another project to do. Before you waste your time & money, seek professional advice from the best in the business.

Contact us for the best advice available!