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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best fish for my dam?
    There is no such thing as "the best fish for a dam". Eco - systems requires to be balanced, so ultimately having a mixture of indigenous species is the best.
  • How many fish do I need to put in my dam?
    The answer to this question is a very complex and can vary vastly on the following: How big is your dam? What size fish do you want? Do you already have fish? Do you have bass or Catfish? And the list goes on. Ideally if it is a brand new dam, we would recommend a mixture between species and sizes, as well as keeping your budget into consideration.
  • How fast does fish grow?
    It all depends on the climate, temperature of water, feeds, water quality, type of fish and many other factors. You are welcome to contact us to further discuss this.
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